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Give A Little To Change A Lot

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    Support the needy with any means. Reduce the load on someone's shoulder as we gladly welcome a beautiful future in Ghana.

  • Prayers

    Say a prayer for somebody somewhere as you go on your knees to pray yourself.

  • Volunteers

    You can be part of All Love Foundation as we reach out to the less privileged.

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    The little you'll warmly give to support an outreach means a lot. All Love Foundation will gladly appreciate both your financial and material products as support to the less privileged.

All Love Foundation, a nonprofit organization, has been promoting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 1, 2, 3, and 4 in rural and peri-urban areas in Ghana over the years. With the aim to alleviate poverty and hunger, and promote good health and quality education, we have reached out to over 5,000 beneficiaries in orphanages, schools, and communities in the last three years.


Our Goal Is To Help The Needy

All Love Foundation Is A Passionate Charity Funding .

Everybody needs somebody. As you stand, someone somewhere is lying down. Stretch forth your hand and lift somebody up with your little contributions which contribute massively to affects lives somewhere. Play a role in somebody you do not knows life and God will richly bless you. We're ALL LOVE FOUNDATION

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We’re Here to Support Them

Fundraising for the People and
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  • Get Inspire and Help

    Looking at our previous exercises, All Love Foundation has put smiles on the faces of more than 5000 people who needed somebody to hold their hands. Making a soul happy is a great achievement to the society.

  • Become a Volunteer

    You can join All Love Foundation from any where through our digital signup and become a member to support all upcoming exercises. We appreciate all efforts and time you'll spend with us.


All Love Foundation serve as a template that grow and support the less privilege. We add value to live to embrace a better Ghana

Why is it important to support them?

There are many variations of passages the less privilege have suffered which has led to the injection of anxiety and other negative effects. All Love Foundation is here with and exercise to support and put these people in good shape.

Raise Funds For The Struggling Youngsters, Less Privileged Women And The Aged

Lets raise some funds to support the young ones through their education and other means, give the young and older women a vocational skill and put smiles in the faces of the aged.

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    Children, Youth & Aged